Understanding My Identity


I have been in the creative industry for the past 10+ years working in a myriad of roles. All of these roles were in one way or the other involved with storytelling. These years have seen me work in a variety of fields from being a reporter, photographer, web designer, scriptwriter, to being a film director, film editor, creative director and podcaster. I have been around the block.

The main reason that I worked on all of these roles was that I loved storytelling and I was always loved looking for different ways and platforms to highlight perspectives and tell narratives. Hence the conundrum that I find myself in now. 

My years of experience and my varied set of skills have somehow became an obstacles now that I find myself trying to engage with different people in the industry in a foreign land and platform. One, because the bulk of my work was done back in my home which is Ethiopia which is problem if I am trying to find opportunities in Sydney (which is where I live now), where the industry is much much more advanced. This shouldn’t matter, but it does. 

Second, I really didn’t have any stories behind the work that I did, or at least I didn’t have them ready for people to see and understand my work and my process. So I started doing research on how I can showcase my experience and the thought behind my works, which is what these series of articles will be. A simple journal into my creative works from the past to the future.

What better way to start than giving you a small intro into the evolution of my personal brand. Throughout my career I have always believed in the process of learning from my experiences, and I wanted to include that in my brand. That is when I created the brand Tirita designs. 

Tirita “ትርታ” is an amharic word that translated to rhythm. I believed and still believe that creativity stems from a certain balance of rhythm between different things to create a beautiful product or idea. Whether its the beat of your heart, or the particular beat of a musical tune, rhythm is that steadfast foundation that can color the nature of who you are. 

Thus I worked on creating an identity that could represent this complex but simple idea I had for “Tirita”. Thus when I was working to create the logo I wanted something that encompassed the thoughts in my head, something also that didn’t forget my African heritage and also something that was hand drawn so it would have an organic feel. My slogan read “Rythmically Enhanced Inspirations” to underline this thought process.

After countless designs and ideas I settled on the logo that you see below. The logo was meant to be many things at once; an African shield, a conjoining of my creative and my analytical side among many other things.

Tirita Designs Logo (*note the typo on the slogan, not everyone can get it right the first time  :)  )

Tirita Designs Logo
(*note the typo on the slogan, not everyone can get it right the first time :) )

After a few years I had an opportunity to grow this personal brand to be a full production company. Thus came the birth of “Tirita Media”. This had the same philosophy in terms of the products that we worked on, the only difference was that we started delving into the production of documentaries and fully fledged media products. Thus I upgraded my logo and brand to reflect this change and also to incorporate the amharic word “ት”.

Tirita Media Company Logo

Tirita Media Company Logo

Company Profile

Company Profile

Underneath this moniker I was lucky enough to improve my production set of skills across the board. From proposal writing to editing and cinematography on various projects I worked on challenging and interesting projects. I was most proud of the documentary series (if you are interested and can speak Amharic here is one on raw meat and one on coffee )that we produced from proposal to realization for a local satellite television entitled “ONLY IN ETHIOPIA”. It a 30 minute documentary series which delved into elements of culture, history and food in the Ethiopian society.

Following that and many transitions both on the personal level and professional level. I was forced to do a rethink on my while brand and my works. 

I wanted to create a brand that is more personal and more catered to my ideas and my desires. After major changes in my life I was looking to evolve/devolve (depending on people’s perspective) what I wanted to do in this task of becoming a digital storyteller. 

I decided to create a brand that is more personal, more in tune with my philosophies. Thus came “mshiferaw” which is the combination of my first and middle name. With the new brand my primary aim is not to rush the creation of my works and churning out of products. I wanted to do projects that would challenge my set of skills and be also something that I truly cared for. I also wanted to do projects that I have always postponed continuously due to too much work.

The logo emcompass some of the original thoughts I had for the Tirita logo but also included something that I believe is truly uniquely mine. I did a sketch on paper and then digitized it using Illustrator.

A selection of thoughts that I had for the logo

A selection of thoughts that I had for the logo

Final Logo

Final Logo

I am working to make this a permanent change and looking to create meaningful products that would reflect on my work and my experiences in life and that of my future clients and audiences. If you have a similar story, let me know and share and exchange experiences. Get in Touch.