Primarily a dad/husband creative who is semi-optimist and passionate #RedDevils lover. I am working to translate my imagination into quantifiable digital products and also working to improve my skills to tell better stories on different platforms and mediums. Below you will find my professional evolution.

STAGE 1 / 2001 - 2006 /

I loved storytelling and have always found that I wanted to tell stories and create meaningful interactions with other people so I could grow from this relationship and my journey started with writing, music and early versions of Photoshop and Macromedia freehand.

STAGE 2  / 2006 - 2010 /

I continued my journey of crafting stories by starting photography and web design which was a push to understand how to tell stories across different mediums and platforms.

STAGE 3  / 2010 - 2015 /

I then was introduced to video production and was lucky to have met some incredible talented people and learned how to use this medium and that of photography to craft and package different perspectives and stories to audiences.

STAGE 4  / 2015 - Current /

With the advent of social media and an ever growing list of platforms to showcase and distribute your stories I am currently working to hone my set of skills to curate and build my portfolio with work that has intent and perspective.

For more info check out my resume here